Christopher Gideon (b. 1977) is an artist and photographer with a background in architecture. He currently lives and works outside of Detroit, Michigan.

His work has been featured in recent exhibitions at CULTUREfix Gallery, New York, NY; Invisible Dog Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Isis Gallery, University of Notre Dame, IN; Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, Italy; Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH.

"In 1987, I began collecting baseball cards at the age of ten. To my younger self, they represented order and materialistic value, and collecting them honed my organizational and conservational skills. Every card was systematized and kept pristine. Some were even placed into protective acrylic cases which quarantined them from the harmful effects of the sun, air, and worse yet, human touch.

Today, personal nostalgia aside, the cards are utterly worthless. Therefore, the main objective of my collage work is to reinstate a sense of importance back into that which has lost its significance and value over time.

The irony in the work comes from not only the new objects that are created, but also how they are created: through the destruction and reconstruction of what was once so precious to me."

"My body of work is an ongoing collection of exorcisms, casting out the fears, icons, and suppressed visions implanted by American Culture; often expressed in imagery that is as much satirical as it is socially relevant.

My message tiptoes between cautionary metaphor and paranoid confession. Observations of America's instability beckon a probing look into man’s blind faith in everything. God… technology… ourselves. I expose these topics through a world of subversion. In my domain, symbols of America are defeated through self-deprecation.

However, for every topic I confront two more seep into my subconscious. I am an unwilling sponge, helplessly absorbing what I see and hear - my dreams, the uncensored proof. I must wring myself out today to make room for tonight’s sleep."

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